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DIY Phone Holder for Video Tutorial

Last two weeks I made my dream comes true: a craft room! Mini craft room, I mean. It's only 2.2 x 1.5 m ². A crafting nook, may be? I went to Ikea and got these  desk , wall shelf  and bookshelf (I prefer to say "yarn shelf"). And after assembling them, I realized that I got so much cardboard! Some of the cardboard transformed into my kids' HotWheel track, and the remaining turns into my DIY. Actually, this is the cheapest DIY project I've ever try. No need to buy any phone holder or camera tripod. All you need are just a used cardboard, cutter and ruler.  Here are the steps: Measure your phone to determine camera position. Cut the camera hole. You can make a round hole, but square will be easier to cut. This is my mini craft room. See the shelf above my desk? That's where I will place my phone. Use a book (or anything else) to stabilize the cardboard. Place your phone, and done! You can now start your video tutorial. If thi