Sunday, October 6, 2019

Crochet Pattern: Fuchsia Flower

Once upon a time, my daughter Nayfah asked me, "What's the smallest bird in the world?"
I said, "It's humming bird. People named it colibri."
"How does it look?" she asked, again.

I opened Chrome on my phone and searched for colibri images. I found a beautiful picture that made me and my daughter charmed. Here is the pic:

My daughter said, "What a cute bird!"
I said, "What a beautiful flower!"
Seems like we have different point of view, haha!

I went to a nurseries and find no fuchsia flowers here, in Sumenep. So... I think I should make the crocheted ones.

Hours later, I messed up the yarn basket looking for white and pink fingering-weighted cotton yarns. I zoom-in the pic then tried to make petals.

Thanks God I found matching flower buds :D
And here is the result:

I was pleased by the result. Of course the original one is more beautiful. God make it, right? , I couldn't find the plant here, in Sumenep. having the crocheted version done, make me feel happy.

I documented the making process, including pattern and step-by-step pictures. Then, in my spare time I wrote the tutorial.

If you want to make this crochet flower, too, you can now buy the PDF. Simply click on the "buy now" button and the PDF will be sent right after payment received.

--This listing is only for the pattern and tutorials, not the finished ones--

PDF file contains 5 pages; with charts, written instruction (US terms), step-by-step pictures, and links to watch the videos.

Pattern by: Novelia Ummu Nayfah


Tools and materials:
- Petals: Balinese cotton yarn; fingering; white
- Sepals: Balinese cotton yarn; fingering; pink
- 2.50 or 2.75 mm hook
- Flower buds
- Floral wire no. 16 and 24
- Synthetic leaves
- Glue gun
- Tapestry needle

•    The design and pattern belongs to Novelia Ummu Nayfah, the writer of 3D Crochet and Tarn Crochet (originally written in Indonesian Language).
•    You are not allowed to re-sell, copy (including digital copying such as screen shot), distribute or share this pattern and/or pictures within it in any form.

Thank you for dropping by, and have a nice day!


Sister Karilyn said...

i saw your pattern for fuschia flowers and bought it. i have the receipt, but, so far, i've gotten no pattern. when/how do i get it? i thought it would be sent once you received the payment. if i'm supposed to download it from somewhere, would you please tell me where?

Novelia said...

I got a problem with my gmail. Unfortunately, I didn't get any notifications.
Let me check my paypal summary, I will send it via email (with a bonus pattern).

I'm sorry for this inconvenience.