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How To: Make Some Cute DIY Projects Using Crochet Cherry Blossom Appliques

My 6-year-old daughter  is now having a new "hobby" : selling crochet flowers! She asked her Dad to make a bank account for her, and asked me to crochet some mini flowers. She said she wanted to be a crochetpreneur, as her mother is.  Then I created an Etsy Shop for her, named Kutu Benang . It means yarn worm . Believe me, she's mad about yarn! LOL ^_^ Her favorite room is my craft room. A mini-me. Okay, enough telling you about her new shop. Continue the how-to ideas :D I put some yarn scraps, crocheting those cute 2-centimeters-in-diameter flowers. I did make lots, lots of it.  Unintentionally, I found a wall sticker from Mitra10. I loved the natural looking, and thought it would be great if I make some "3D touch". So here is the result: Let's see the before-and-after look: Days later, I sew some beads and diamonds at the center, and put two leaves (made from polyester yarn). Want to see what I made? Here it is: