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Crochet Pattern & How To: Reversible Crochet Red Bucket Bag Basket bag t-shirt yarn

The Red Bucket Bag Pattern by: Novelia Ummu Nayfah Helloooo everyone! I made this bag years ago, and many people asked me how to make it. This bag is a kind of reversible bags; it can be used as a hand bag, or a sling bag.   I made a full tutorial consisting how to crochet the bucket bag, make the tassel (in easiest and neatest way!), and also how to sew the lining to the bag. Are you ready to make? Let's get ready for it! Tools and Materials: T-shirt yarn by La Leh Crochet  (spandex-cotton; red; 20 mm width; approximately 250 yards length) 8.00-9.00 mm crochet hook Nickel ring (thick one, 3.5 cm in diameter) Nickel hook (17 mm in diameter) nickel chains, diameter 8 mm 0,5 yard of cotton fabric for lining stopper     Let's take a look on the PDF. There are 8 pages consisting crochet diagram (chart), written pattern in US terms, and step-by-step tutorial. Seriously, even a very beginner can make this bag! Here's a sneak peek for you: The dimensi

Crochet Bag Pattern: Bianca The Macaron Bag

 Holla again! I made this macaron bag as a gift for myself :D Well... women love bags, aren't they? The good news is: you can also make this cute bag for yourself! I made a complete tutorial of this bag with crochet chart, step-by-step pictures and how to sew the lining. Also, there is a link for making the handle. Macaron bag pattern & tutorial Tools and Materials: T-shirt yarn by La Leh Crochet (black; 15-20 mm width; approximately 100 yards length) 8.0 mm crochet hook D-shaped ring (thick, golden, 3 cm width) hook (17 mm in diameter) golden chains, diameter 1 cm Zipper (size 5) Zipper head 0,5 yard of cotton-linen fabric for lining Big tapestry needle for sewing yarn tail Dimensions : Appr. 19 centimeters in diameter, 10.5 cm width Handle: 125 centimeters length PDF view  It's time to make your own macaron bag! Click here to get the pattern on my Etsy Shop! It's now ON SALE! Thank you for dropping by and have a nice hooking da

Crochet Pattern: Always Bride Flower Bouquet

What's the perfect gift for a bride-to-be? Yes! It's flower bouquet! But... wait, fresh flowers can be dried-flowers days after marriage, right? Why don't we use other flower bouquet --the crocheted one? It lasts longer, even years, and you can save your wedding flower bouquet in your home as decoration ^_^ I made this bouquet on 2017, and it's a part of my first book (Rajut 3D a.k.a. 3D Crochet). Many people said that it's a good idea to make crocheted flower bouquet. I also sold this pattern on my Etsy Shop, but unfortunately it's suspended right now (don't know why... I contacted Etsy Support but got no answer). Page 1 & 2 page 4 & 5 Never mind, you can get the pattern here. Pattern & design by : Novelia Ummu Nayfah Tools & materials : Polyester yarn, Cotton yarn, bouquet holder, glue, beads, foam Dimension : Diameter: 7 inches (18.5 cm) Length: 9 inches (23 cm) Weight: approximately 250 grams Materials :

Crochet Pattern: Fuchsia Flower

Once upon a time, my daughter Nayfah asked me, "What's the smallest bird in the world?" I said, "It's humming bird. People named it colibri ." "How does it look?" she asked, again. I opened Chrome on my phone and searched for colibri images. I found a beautiful picture that made me and my daughter charmed. Here is the pic: My daughter said, "What a cute bird!" I said, "What a beautiful flower!" Seems like we have different point of view, haha! I went to a nurseries and find no fuchsia flowers here, in Sumenep. So... I think I should make the crocheted ones. Hours later, I messed up the yarn basket looking for white and pink fingering-weighted cotton yarns. I zoom-in the pic then tried to make petals. Thanks God I found matching flower buds :D And here is the result: Done! I was pleased by the result. Of course the original one is more beautiful. God make it, right? , I couldn't find the plant