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Cute Brooch Boutonniere for Gift or Keepsake

Hello all!  This time I want to share some pictures of my creations. It usually requested to be a gift. Everyone love gifts, right? Now let's see what I made. Anyway, who can refuse these small, cute gifts? When one of my friends is moving from Depok to Yogyakarta, she requested these brooches for her friends (not including me, I'm the maker. LOL) I named it  Ann Brooch . To be honest, I didn't have any idea to choose a name, so I abbreviated Nayfah's name.  Ann  stands for: Arini Nur Nayfah. It's made of bali cotton yarn (flowers) and beige polypropilene fiber, synthetic pearls, diamonds, and high quality pin-backing. Almost all process are fully handwork. I hand-crocheted the flowers and leaf. Then, 3 mm beads and mini diamonds hand-sewn to the center of the flowers (phew!). When I posted on my Facebook Page, some people say it's over pricing. Wait -- OVER PRICING? I don't think so. Come on, people... IDR 39.000 is similar to USD